Meet A Few of the Mission Logistics Drivers!

Meet Ronald! Ronald is an Over the Road (OTR) Tractor Trailer Driver with Mission Logistics. He’s been driving with Mission Logistics for about four years and appreciates that it feels like a team, saying, “I love the fact that Mission Logistics is a small trucking company where I am not just another number and I am treated like a person.” Ronald says his supervisors work with him on any scheduling needs he has and even check on him when he’s sick so they can help him. Ronald plans to continue driving for Mission Logistics and hopes he can help the company grow!

Meet Zackary! Zackary is Tractor Trailer Driver-in-Training. Zackary went to school (PIA) for his Class A CDL and is now training with Mission Logistics. He came to Mission Logistics because of the opportunity to enhance his career. He particularly likes driving with Mission Logistics because he gets to work with other drivers, which makes him feel like he is part of a team. Zackary appreciates that his supervisors were willing to take a chance on him being a young person fresh out of driving school. He says the Mission Logistics team works with his scheduling needs and is understanding about his life situations. An interesting fact about Zackary is that he is a Volunteer Fire Fighter!

Meet Chelle! Chelle is a Tractor Trailer Driver with Mission Logistics. He’s been a driver for over 10 years, first with Goodwill and now with Mission Logistics. Chelle says that Mission Logistics changed the culture of driving for him: “It makes me feel like I am part of a team.” Chelle likes to drive outside freight because he enjoys different scenery and it keeps his skills levels high. Of his supervisors, Chelle says they are very supportive of his work/life balance and work around any days off he needs. He also appreciates that his raises are always on time. An interesting fact about Chelle is that he loves to golf in his free time!