Mission Logistics aims to be your transportation and distribution solution!

Outsourcing transportation to us leaves you more time to do what you do best.

Choose from a wide range of options:
  • outsourcing transportation and logistics functions so that clients can focus on their core business or mission,
  • outsourcing particular transportation needs that do not fit an organization’s routine operations,
  • point-to-point services to single retailers or non-profit organizations, large or small, carrying commodities between two locations,
  • pool distribution, aggregating the transportation needs of a given client or set of clients, collecting cargo, then sorting and re-aggregating cargo by various destinations , e.g., to a number of regional branch locations for a single retailer or to a number of retailers within a single complex,
  • low-cost freight services such as package collection and dispatching for clients needing services that are not time sensitive,
  • cartage Agent Service supplemental pick-up and delivery for local zone-based delivery organizations.

Or contact 1-877-647-5647 to tailor a service specific to your company.


Shipping Goods

Mission Logistics offers low-cost freight services such as package collection and dispatching for services that are not time sensitive.


Temporary Storage

Companies experiencing seasonal and occasional needs for warehouse and storage space find Mission Logistics a cost-effective solution.


Warehouse Distribution

Ask Mission Logistics about full-service logistics: inventory management; picking, sorting and re-packaging of goods; shipping and delivery; and flexible warehouse and storage space. We’re ready to grow with you!